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Quick update, more coming soon!

So it's been about two and half, three weeks since Golden Week (the only "real holiday" teachers seem to have in Japan, when three national holidays coincide and you only need to take 2 days off to get a full week break). I went to Cambodia, I had a blast, it was extremely, mind-searingly hot and …

Cross February Off — Onwards to March!

Its been a tiring, busy February. I'm looking forward to a [hopefully] more laid back, restful, less busy March.

The Perfect Storm

As an ALT (Alternative Language Teacher), my schedule is pretty fluid. Some weeks, I’ll have a few classes; some weeks I’ll have many.

It’s been more than a month? Really?!

Who knew time would fly by so fast? When I think that I’ve been in Japan for five months — that January will mark half a year — I can hardly believe it. I’ve been MIA in November mostly because it was insanely busy.

Spammerpunk Horror: 419

[su_note]So, Chuck Wendig, an author whose novels I enjoy, does a prompt every Friday to get the creative writing juices flowing. Sometimes, he also offers prizes. Last Friday's was to create a spam message with horror elements, which he called "Spammerpunk horror." This intrigued me, especially since I knew almost immediately what I'd want to …

The Last Two Weeks in Pictures

Here are some pictures I’ve taken during the last two weeks. If you want to see them in more detail, click on the picture or check out the Gallery, where I’ve added them to various areas.

My Crocs: A Tanka

My Crocs: A Tanka I told myself never, Because plastic looks very cheap. But Japan you got me. You know I will choose comfort So now I will wear crocs too.   (So, basically, in Japan, wearing crocs is super popular. They're even acceptable office shoes! Although, mostly the men wear them, or the PE …

Things I’m Craving This Week

Eegee's Jimmy John's Tropicana Orange Juice with plenty of pulp* Chipotle Progresso Cream of Mushroom Soup * I feel Japanese orange juice isn't as strong flavored or "orange-y" as American orange juice.