Quick update, more coming soon!

So it’s been about two and half, three weeks since Golden Week (the only “real holiday” teachers seem to have in Japan, when three national holidays coincide and you only need to take 2 days off to get a full week break). I went to Cambodia, I had a blast, it was extremely, mind-searingly hot and humid. It was lots of fun! I came back and I was like…

But, I’m just getting caught up on work. How is it that there were three national holidays and yet work still piled up? Is this the adult life?

Anyway, I have tons of pictures to sift through, and it’ll probably take multiple posts to get through all my experiences in Cambodia! I also am finishing up some draft posts on some weekend excursions. Waterfalls, Tokyo… the usual

Until then, have a funny video about Japanese mascots by John Oliver.

Shizuoka Prefecture’s mascot, which I see a lot in train stations and outside information areas and on maps, is called Fujippi:

He’s just a fun loving, Mt. Fuji, teardrop shape with some stylin’ sneakers.


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