The Perfect Storm

As an ALT (Alternative Language Teacher), my schedule is pretty fluid. Some weeks, I’ll have a few classes; some weeks I’ll have many. The ninensei (2nd year) supervisor makes my schedule for me, while the ichinensei (first year) supervisor lets me make my own schedule. I like the latter better, because it means I can tweak things in such a way so I don’t get one day with 5 classes in a row.

But, every once in a while, I get what I like to call The Perfect Storm. These are weeks where everything happens at once. And going through a Perfect Storm Week feels a bit like this:

perfect storm week
Yes, the screaming is accurate.

Such was my week. I am so glad it’s Friday, and this Perfect Storm Week is over. In fact, I’m so drained, I’ve decided to keep my Saturday free so I can recover!

Why was it a Perfect Storm Week?

I had every class of both ninensei and ichinensei (a total of 16 classes and 600-some students), plus I had to make 4 lesson plans, plus I got my first round of homework to grade (which I didn’t make much of a dent in because of everything else), plus the sennensei (third year) and ninensei teachers asked for help with test question editing, plus a student came to me to ask for help studying for his entrance exam into a prestigious international school in Japan.

To make matters worse, my coffee maker broke this morning. And that was before I got a cup of coffee, so I went to school without my usual morning ritual of sitting and sipping a good, strong, black cup o’joe.

I missed my morning cup of joe.

I’d been worried for a while the coffee maker might be breaking. Every time I put water into it, I’d get a small puddle around the base of the coffee maker. Well, today, I put in the water and suddenly there was an elephant sized puddle leaking out from the coffee maker. In a desperate attempt to stop the flow, I grabbed the kitchen towel, picked up the coffee maker, and tried to wipe the spill up.

Did you know that the water reservoir in coffee makers might be detachable?

I did not.

So, the water reservoir detached and was the only thing left in my hand. The rest? It went flying. Coffee and water ended up everywhere.

For a minute, I just stood in the wreckage of my counter, the pungent aroma of ground coffee beans filtering to my nose, and finally said, “Well…shit.” It seemed appropriate at the time.

I tried to clean up the mess as best I could (but left half to be cleaned when I returned), and by that time I had to grab my shoes and run out the door. I didn’t even have time to make a back-up cup of green tea. And it caused me to forget my lunch. It threw my whole day off, I can tell you.

So yeah, glad today’s Friday and this week is over.


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