The Dapper Party

The Dapper Party was last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Organized by Jaz, a fellow ALT, it originated from a FaceBook post she made where she mused, Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dress up really fancy? Um, yeah it would!

A few weeks later, I received this invite:

dapper party
Who could say no to an invite where you’re tagged as an old lady with a bitchin’ hat and lap dog?

As invites go, it was pretty sweet.

And the Dapper Party was a lot of fun. The food was good too; they had mojitos to die for. Delicious. The food (which was bistro-esque in theme) was small in portion size, which was a little sad because I could have really tucked into the salad (with veggies like green lettuce and beets! Not a cabbage in sight!) and the creamy pesto spaghetti. Ooh, I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it.

Before the party, I had messaged Jaz and said, “So how dapper should I be?”

“Go as dapper as possible! I will!” she replied.

“But that means I’m going to be super duper dapper, you know?”


And I did, folks. I went super duper dapper. I wore a sari and decked out in jewelry. I don’t mess around when people invite me to be dapper.

I’m not used to wearing a sari, and it was a special brand of torture to try and walk from train station to train station in it. How do Indian women do this every day? I have to say, there’s nothing like trousers for ease of movement. But I looked awesome, so for a few hours of torture I was willing.

Jaz and some other ALTs brought fancy cameras, so we had a faux photo shoot outside the venue. There was a nice little pond area, and we all clambered onto the bank and posed and laughed. Jaz or whoever else was taking photos would yell out directions–“You’re walking in a dark alley and you see a strange man!” “You’ve just discovered how delicious mochi is!” “You’re trying to find the correct train platform!” — and we’d make poses to match. It was all good.

We took pictures, we had good food, I got to nosh and verbally nosh with some great people. At the end, I changed from the sari to a dress (which apparently was also dapper enough, and then someone called me fashionable. Me? Fashionable? I was flattered because it’s so untrue, I don’t keep up with fashion at all!) so that it would be easier to walk around. We went to another place for coffee, wine, and gyozaWe talked there for a while. Then we went to a revolving sushi place well people began to get hungry again.

I got home late, changed, and collapsed in bed. All in all, a very good Saturday.

(By the way, I’ve uploaded pictures of the Dapper Party to my Personal Gallery, so you can see me being “fashionable” there!)


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