A yen for stronger yen

Imagine my surprise when I saw what the exchange rate has been, recently. According to Bloomberg:

The yen touched 120 per dollar for the first time since July 2007, as policy makers’ decisions to expand monetary stimulus and delay a consumption tax increase highlight the risks the economy is deteriorating.

Talk about shitty timing. I’ve been in Japan for less than half a year and the yen suddenly weakens. What does this mean for me? I’m going to have to save more in order to meet the same goals I had, which means less cheddar, and you know how much I like my cheddar.

I also was foolish enough to calculate how much money I’m losing thanks to the new exchange rate. Big mistake. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. All I can hope for is that the economy will turn around soon.

Oh, and adjust my Excel finance spreadsheets tearfully.

the way of the world


2 Replies to “A yen for stronger yen”

  1. I am afraid to send money home so I am just going to spend it xD As long as I don’t end up on the street, cold and starving, I think I will be okay.

    1. Gutsy move. I need to save for when I return and to pay off some bills. So, I have to send money home! And I’m feeling the pressure to do it more, in case the yen gets worse! T_T

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