Nanowrimo 2014 — or, “what am I doing? I don’t have time for this!”

But, then, who really has time for anything these days? I’m going to try and make time this year; I really want to get back into writing as I did a couple years ago — daily, steadily, with enough output to ensure a book. I may have put my dream (published authorship as gainful employment) on the back burner for a little while because there were bills to pay, but it wasn’t out of my head. Except…

I haven’t really decided on a story yet. Nanowrimo starts midnight on Saturday, and I don’t exactly know what I’ll be writing about yet. I’m usually much better at this. I’ll have to go through my notebook of ideas and decide.

And then it’ll be at least 1,666 words a day to reach the 50,000 words in 30 days challenge.

This is totally doable. Totally.

I mean, yeah, I also have a full-time job. And I really need to buckle own and study more Japanese (my first round of lessons are due near the end of November). And November has a lot of events that I’ll be traveling around Japan for. And I want to start exercising at least 5 times a week again…

No! No, will not panic. 1,666 words. Totally doable.



2 Replies to “Nanowrimo 2014 — or, “what am I doing? I don’t have time for this!””

  1. Haha I am doing the same thing! I have somewhat of an idea but I should probably plan out where to start with it and stuff… I want to go to one of the writing jams eventually xD

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