Name Change

I’ve changed the name of the blog to Everyday Jetsam. Don’t worry, you don’t need to update any URLs or anything right now; still works for another year, at which point I might let it go and stick with (which also leads to this page).

Why the change, you ask? I’ve actually used the Everyday Jetsam moniker to write about writing for a year, but set up a new website for my travel and JET program experiences. When I was telling this to a friend, they pointed out the name Everyday Jetsam works better, thanks to the unintentional pun of “jetsam” and JET program.

Does this make me an unintentional genius? I wondered.

Well, unintentional genius must be rewarded. Plus, this will make it easier to keep blogging using one continuous moniker in the future, too.

In other news, there’s a typhoon today which means rain, rain, rain. I’m taking the opportunity to clean my humble living quarters while listening to alternative rock music on Pandora. This evening, I’m hoping to get all the pictures off my digital camera so I can post about the wine festival I went to yesterday and (finally) the fire festival I attended in August.


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