I have internet!


Here’s the good news: I have internet!

I never realized how much I rely on the internet before. Googling, Wikipedia-ing, even dictionaries and train timetables require the internet (I’ve gone as paperless as I can manage for a while now). But, Japan is a strange mix of technologically savvy and old school. While they have the fastest internet connections I’ve ever heard of, it takes a long time to install. I don’t know why they don’t get it done within the week, like in America, nor do I understand why there must be two companies handling everything — one for your actual internet and one for your router service. But, then, I also don’t understand why Japan is still a paper money and coin society while you call waiters over with buttons and they put in your order on PDAs.

Anyway, I have internet, which means I can more easily update this blog (instead of trying to covertly do it on my lunch break or before/after school). Expect more posts! I’ve already massively updated the Gallery page by redoing the layout and adding a bunch of photos (including in the personal album). Check it out!

Everything. Everything is great about being online.

4 Replies to “I have internet!”

  1. The real questions…

    1. How fast is it?
    2. Do you notice a difference?

    As for separating router from carrier, I wish we did that here. I don’t mind if the router has a monopoly, but if people can compete for carrier, then some might not be so crappy in how they treat the privacy of your data, etc.

    With DSL in some places, you can still specify a different carrier and they aren’t so… shall we call it comcastic?

    1. I ended up getting the fiber optic “super high speed” internet, which the “nominal” speed is 1000 mbps; I haven’t done a diagnostic yet to see how much it usually is. I just know that when I download something, it is much faster than it ever was in America.

      As for choice, I have never had to choose Comcast, but I’ve heard from others it’s pretty unpleasant, so I definitely sympathize. My issue is the plethora of middle men having two companies for internet service creates. I have two bills and two different customer service people to call, depending on the issue. The one good thing is my internet service provider has an English customer service hotline.

  2. LOL that is pretty funny! I was watching a show the other day about a guy visiting China and Japan. He realized the toilets were not advanced and didn’t have toilet paper. He said , “This can’t be the place that invented the iPod!” Technology is KING!!!

    1. Japan has some of the most high-tech toilets I’ve ever seen (along with Germany). Luckily, toilet paper is pretty available in Japan. But, yeah, the tough one is going to a bathroom in a restaurant or train station and realizing there are only squat toilets. :-/

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