More than you ever wanted to know, most likely

I asked this a lot

OMG, here it is! My official blog to chronicle my journey in Japan, as well as anything else that happens in my daily life. I’ll be posting pictures, as well, in the Gallery page. There will be a gallery that is password protected and viewable only by people I know in real life (you’ll need to ask for the password if I didn’t email it to you already). Some posts will also be like this, because they are more personal in nature. Sorry if that makes anyone feel left out, but hey, it’s my blog!

I promise lots of musings about life in Japan, comparisons to America, food, photographs, travel, and general silliness/sarcasm. You know. Like I am. 🙂

Once I get WiFi in my apartment (I’m using the school’s WiFi, but they block quite a few sites), I can upload videos too!

you know you wanna stay a while


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