Monday Music Madness: Silversun Pickups’ “Cannibal”

I gotta say, the music video bores me. Oh look, people running and looking freaked out. And still running…and running some more…and now some running with looking behind them in fear…oh look, they stopped. Are you going to show us what they’re running from? No? Oh, just more running? OK then.

Maybe they’re running from a cannibal.

Anyway, still a good song. It’s on my writing playlist.

Monday Music Madness: KONGOS’ “Come with Me Now”

OK, so I’m a little obsessed with this song…in the sense that I am in love. Imagine, if you will, a normal weekday where I decide to be good and have a stir fry. I put on the playlist on my cellphone, attach it to my stereo. I cut ginger, garlic, vegetables, tofu while humming along to nice songs. Maybe a little Simon & Garfunkle, if I’m feeling nostalgic; maybe some Ke$ha if I’m thinking about clubbing come the weekend; maybe some Monsters and Men — who knows? Anyway, it’s all very nice, very home-y. I put in the ginger and garlic until the room smells divine, add the vegetables and tofu…and then…and then “Come with Me Now” starts.

And I go from this:

My green onions are never even

To this:

yeah, sing it baby!

Yeah, head tilt, come hither eyes, microphone (or wooden spoon, if you want honesty), and everything. Suddenly, there’s dancing, and arm waving. Because, as songs go, this one is fun to get into, it has everything — yelling bits (“Whoa, come with me now!”) and plaintive bits (“I think I’ve thought myself to death”). And then, every time I belt out the chorus, I get Intense Singing Face:

It livens up a normal weekday; who can help but smile after that? And that is why I love this song.


Chuck Wendig is doing a flash fiction challenge–must contain something-punk. According to Wendig,

The literary subgenre -punk contains, as I see it, a couple key features –

a) A world taken over by the technology or fuel source or by humans (often in an authoritarian role) attempting to control the utilization and implementation of that tech or resource.


b) Characters who represent an anarchic, rebel “punk” vibe in this world.

I chose a world taken over by humans trying to control a resource, in this case, water. And I wrote, without thought, with only a very little idea of what the background was. I imagined a purveyor of water, pure water. And thus came this 1,000 word flash fiction challenge. I’ve chosen to call it Waterpunk. It is now a thing.

Actually, I really enjoyed writing this and have made a note of the story idea; I may work on it in the near future.

Note: This was done on the spur of the moment, literally putting my fingers to the keyboard and writing without pause. I then transferred what I wrote to Everyday Jetsam, without letting myself think about it so my Inner Critic couldn’t say anything. I didn’t want to edit this flash fiction piece, because it is just that, a piece. I know there are tense issues (my current project is in third person present tense, but I wrote this in first person past tense; I know I probably slipped up a few times and fell into my current habit of present tense), and probably narrative issues, too. But, for now, it’ll do.

Since this is going to be a long post, click on the “more” link for the flash fiction waterpunk.

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Monday Music Madness: Grouplove’s “Ways to Go”

I’m sorry I have been AWOL for the past few weeks. The problem with the end of the Quarter is that it means a whole lot of work. In fact, tomorrow is a pretty big deal for me, but I needed to take a moment out of my busy schedule for my poor, ignored blog. I miss Everyday Jetsam, I miss writing, I miss going to the gym. Unfortunately, it’ll probably be one more week before I’m once again free to devote some time to my personal hobbies. Who knew that a job where I get 2 months off in the summer would include so many hours of unpaid overtime? Right? They kept that off the fine print of the job description.

Anyhow, back to the issue at hand. I really like this song, and I found it recently thanks to Pandora. The music video is also interesting (although I’m not a fan of the female singer’s skeleton costume with a belt); perhaps a commentary on the fact that all seemingly heartless dictators were kids once?

Yeah, I really need to update my playlist; I keep finding new Pandora gold and yet my gym playlist is so woefully out of date. Granted, I also haven’t had time to go to the gym in a while. Maybe new music playlist awesomeness will be the shove I need to get out the door?

A Change of Schedule

So…I’m feeling under the weather, so I didn’t get around to posting a Music Monday. I also want to work on some entries, but my time is so limited, I’m going to devote my blogging time to that. So expect an actual entry this week! Yay!

And I just said “so” three times in this entry. Oh boy, I’m apparently rusty.

Monday Music Madness: Bastille’s “Bad Blood”

Not much to say about this song, except:

  • Really catchy beat.
  • WTF music video.
  • I really need to update the songs on my MP3 player, because trying to listen to my YouTube playlists on my old Smartphone at the gym just isn’t cutting it anymore. But choosing and uploading new songs and making new playlist is an hours long affair.